Education professional Louise Losos served Clayton High School as principal for seven years. During her tenure, Louise Losos was instrumental in helping 90 percent of students pass their Advanced Placement (AP) examinations, with almost 15 percent of senior students receiving national merit recognition.

images (10)Created by the College Board, AP tests evaluate North American high school students’ knowledge of college-level curriculum. AP tests take place in May of each year, and the College Board releases the scores, which can be used for issuing college course credit, in July. Since 2013, the College Board has enabled students to access their AP scores online.

In scoring the tests, the College Board utilizes computers to assess multiple-choice answers, whereas college professors and teachers specialized in the AP program score free responses. These two results are combined and placed on a five-point scale, with a score of five being the greatest qualification and a score of one being the lowest possible score. Many universities and colleges grant placement and offer course credits for students who achieve a score of three or more, but the decision to grant credit or placement is determined by individual institutions.