Experienced school administrator Louise Losos, Ph.D., recently served as principal of Clayton High School, one of Missouri’s highest performing public schools. In 1999, Louise Losos spent a year in Israel as part of the Dorot Fellowship in Israel program.

Run by the Dorot Foundation, the Dorot Fellowship in Israel initiative selects 10 young Jewish people each year from North America to live in Israel, grow in their knowledge of Judaism, and develop leadership skills. The unique program encourages them to become vehicles of social, cultural, and political change for Jewish people living in the United States.

While living in Israel, Dorot fellows complete training in leadership development and personal development coaching, and they study Jewish and Israeli history and culture. Fellows also volunteer within the country and participate in weekly seminars and multi-day trips throughout Israel and the region. After returning from Israel, fellows join the Dorot Fellowship Network, a group of young Jewish lay leaders working to revitalize the American Jewish experience.