Dr. Louise Losos is the former principal of Clayton High School in St. Louis, Missouri. An experienced educator and advocate for social improvement, Dr. Louise Losos currently serves as director of curriculum at Confluence Academy Schools, a struggling district in the St. Louis area.

Creating a functional educational system hinges upon accountability and progress at every level. Below are a few ways to improve struggling schools and raise the standard for nationwide academic performance:

Innovation: Schools must develop new and creative ways to increase participation and eliminate inefficient ways of educating students.

Accountability: Student success begins with leadership, and defining what each staff member is responsible for is a crucial step in achieving this. One way to do this is by introducing progress reports that ensure standards are being met.

Consequences: Administrative bodies must implement consequences, both positive and negative, that provide incentives for achieving success.

Leadership: Educators must place a greater emphasis on connecting with students on a personal level. This includes instructional programs that help struggling students improve.

Size Reduction: Smaller learning environments are proven more effective in helping students learn. Decreasing incoming enrollment is one way to achieve this.